Bed Quilts

Examples above are not for sale but can be
reproduced in your choice of colors and size

Bed quilts currently available
Sizes are not standard but listed in the description of each item

Big Stars
Size: 68x80 in.
Price: $350.00
Wool Batting

Size: 59x72 in.
Price: $275.00

Tropical Birds
Size: 60x78 in.
Price: $350.00

Size: 69x86 in.
Price: $400.00

Framed Images - Full and Detail Views
Size: 61x74 in.
Price: $325.00

Peking Duck - Full and Detail Views
Size: 67x84 in.
Price: $450.00

Music Melodies - Front and Back Views
Size: 57x70 in.
Price: $275.00